Mobile green house

For a while now, Amsterdam sponsors electric cars and their owners. That’s great because it might help someone make the decision to go green and it helps the streets of Amsterdam to be less “smokey”.

Amsterdam does so by placing, in front of your house, free of charge, a car adapter. More and more of these poles pop up around town. A great USP for a future ready city.

But Amsterdam is known for more than one USP. Continue Reading

The end of video

I first started thinking about creating a new video service because of an often recurring situation:

I work with some people who need or like to put video on their website. They’re not YouTube and don’t have hundred thousands of visitors but they do need or want to insert videos.

No problem, they upload it through the CMS and there it is. Sweet.

But then a friend calls and says they’re unable to view the video! Continue Reading

Acceptance (in 16 digits please)

When looking for a way to accept online payment for metered services I came across some service providers who seem to think that a half baked service is a solution. Continue Reading

Keeping your tech simple

I love it when machines emit and understand simple messages. I love the “START” button in my car. It makes me feel slightly understood.

There’s no need to study some kind of secret handshake to get from A to B. No searching for a hidden away keyhole and twisting an old fashioned iron key to ‘unlock’ the car’s engine. That gesture is probably based on a concept that’s as old as Mr Ford himself. Continue Reading