Oh, you people and your filenames!

People use the ‘wildest’ names for files!

Or at least, so it seems when you are a programmer like me.

Looking at it from a human point of view, it’s actually quite logical to name a file “Cover-image, corrected & proofed, issue: 7, 2013 DEF•••.jpg“. Anybody can see this is the file that’s supposed to be used because it’s corrected, it’s proofed and it’s the (3rd) definite version.

But uploading a file with this name to a CMS is asking for trouble. That’s why there’s this little plugin for MODx available now which will rename any file you upload to something more web appropriate (cover-image-corrected-proofed-issue-7-2013-def.jpg in this case, pretty it is not, web-save it is)


Easily installable from the MODx Package Manager