Keeping your clients close

The conductor on a local train waits for an express to pass.I love it when I’m in the train and the announcer tells us why we’re not leaving on time or why we need to stop in the middle of nowhere for more than 2 minutes. The simple fact that I now know “why” makes me relax. It makes me realize that there are real people doing their utmost at that very moment to try to get me to my destination.
Preferably on time.
It resizes my world from a line in my calendar to a place where people live together. Yes, I want to get to my meeting but I’d rather wait right here, between an odd farm, an electricity pole and 23 ruminating cows, than to speed on with a good chance to hit another train!

There’s companies that get this and encourage their people to talk openly to their clients and there’s companies that don’t.  I run my own company and I’d really like it to fit the first profile.

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Want to make better links on your website? (and do a little SEO in the process)

A swimming boy wearing a pair of fogged swimming gogglesIn my work as Internet Consultant I often run into poorly linked content. Making useful links in your content is one of the easiest methods to improve your ranking in Google. And it helps the visually impaired get a better online experience.

One thing people do when visiting a page is quickly scan for linked content. It’s, next to reading the first sentence, a pretty good way to know if you’re on a possibly ‘right’ page or if there’s a link to something possibly more interesting. So making links in your content is a good habit. No need to link everything, just link to sites and pages of which you know they deliver good and relevant content. (Relevant to the subject of your page.)

Visually impaired people do the same except they don’t have a trustworthy set of eyes to do the job for them. They use a program to read the page aloud to them. Having no links in your content forces them to either just start reading or, more likely, dismiss your page as irrelevant. So make some links!
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How to stay ignorant of Darknet

How come I never ended up in DarkNet? Why did I never even hear of it? Does it support Retina display?

You live in a city for years and years and suddenly you hear about this part of town you never went to or even knew existed. Supposedly there was this insane, amazing market where you could freely buy drugs, fake passports or weapons and contact hackers and hit-men. And everything bought and sold was paid for in a new world currency.

It sounds more like a cyberpunk Harry Potter sequel than anything else. I’d expect to run into Hellboy or Arnold Schwarzenegger tearing things up.
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