What I learned about code efficiency


When I just started to code I discovered how beautifully logical and tidy you could build software. I grew convinced that good software should be like paintings, sculptures, digital haiku’s. I started to apply conventions in my code which I then deemed very important! Correctly indenting, coding in paragraphs, using curly brackets with all if and else‘s even if only one line would follow. I used to make a big issue about whether or not to use a semicolon after every line of code.

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Let people experience your app’s benefits without signing up

Taste-before-you-buyI love to try new things! And I’m in luck; because I’m a web developer there’s at least six new things to try almost every week 🙂 As much fun as it is to look at all the things better developers than myself make, it can also be a bit distracting at times. The same goes for the sheer amount of programming that goes into even a seemingly simple app. Especially when you’re trying to build out a sonewhat more complex app, it’s easy to lose sight of the goal(s) you are working towards. You are on top of so many details, you need to work out so many user flows that you might forget how an actual user of your app will perceive it.

And it’s hard, it’s really hard. You can tell that it’s hard by the way a lot of online apps work. Some of the simplest apps start by asking you for your profile information before you even start to get a glimpse of what it’s supposed to do or how it works.

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5 important security measures every web developer should know and use

BIR62RGGjGxN5nrbnzwu_3Security for web apps is not “an option”.

When you are developing an app you need to take security into account from the very first lines of code. One of the most important things I like to keep top of mind is that you don’t know who your users will be.

Never trust a user.

They can be less web savvy than you, bringing so much clunkiness to your app that it breaks. That’s not their fault, it’s not your job to tell them to change their behaviour.
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