10 days to Create and Launch: Gumroad’s Small Product Lab

Small Product LabI’ve got about 6 or 7 online services at 85% of completion. Next to the dozens of started side projects that never got beyond the initial “Yeah, this sounds great, let’s give it a try!” part. I’m definitely not unique, every developer friend¬†has a large number of side projects on their laptop.

Why is that? Why do developers not finish their side projects? Is it just that the last mile is the longest?

Or is it something else? Continue Reading

How to change the world

Sometimes I run into video’s which grab my attention so crudely, I cannot stop watching. It then feels like the video found a direct entrance to my emotive center and keeps hammering away!

Alexa Fischer showed me this video which is created around a part of a commencement speech given by David Foster Wallace in 2005 at the Kenyon College.
It shows you how you can change the world, simply by changing your world, decide what you think.

Acceptance (in 16 digits please)

When looking for a way to accept online payment for metered services I came across some service providers who seem to think that a half baked service is a solution. Continue Reading