How we learn new things and how that affects your business online

Cavemen learning about fire and shopingLast May, my family and I moved from an apartment in the center of Amsterdam to a family home on IJburg, a suburb next to our beloved city. And by moving to a new place we needed to find a new dentist, a new family doctor, where the most convenient supermarket is located, the closest letterbox, etcetera, etcetera. Only after finding out about those basic necessities we started to check out the more entertaining parts of our new ‘hood’.

I guess that’s pretty natural behavior. Back when humans lived in caves, they probably did the same; they must have first explored the close surrounding for dangers, water and other essentials. And only after knowing about those basic ‘rules’, they could start setting up their house and tend to their daily tasks.

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Keeping your tech simple

I love it when machines emit and understand simple messages. I love the “START” button in my car. It makes me feel slightly understood.

There’s no need to study some kind of secret handshake to get from A to B. No searching for a hidden away keyhole and twisting an old fashioned iron key to ‘unlock’ the car’s engine. That gesture is probably based on a concept that’s as old as Mr Ford himself. Continue Reading