What I learned about code efficiency


When I just started to code I discovered how beautifully logical and tidy you could build software. I grew convinced that good software should be like paintings, sculptures, digital haiku’s. I started to apply conventions in my code which I then deemed very important! Correctly indenting, coding in paragraphs, using curly brackets with all if and else‘s even if only one line would follow. I used to make a big issue about whether or not to use a semicolon after every line of code.

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How we learn new things and how that affects your business online

Cavemen learning about fire and shopingLast May, my family and I moved from an apartment in the center of Amsterdam to a family home on IJburg, a suburb next to our beloved city. And by moving to a new place we needed to find a new dentist, a new family doctor, where the most convenient supermarket is located, the closest letterbox, etcetera, etcetera. Only after finding out about those basic necessities we started to check out the more entertaining parts of our new ‘hood’.

I guess that’s pretty natural behavior. Back when humans lived in caves, they probably did the same; they must have first explored the close surrounding for dangers, water and other essentials. And only after knowing about those basic ‘rules’, they could start setting up their house and tend to their daily tasks.

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Keeping your clients close

The conductor on a local train waits for an express to pass.I love it when I’m in the train and the announcer tells us why we’re not leaving on time or why we need to stop in the middle of nowhere for more than 2 minutes. The simple fact that I now know “why” makes me relax. It makes me realize that there are real people doing their utmost at that very moment to try to get me to my destination.
Preferably on time.
It resizes my world from a line in my calendar to a place where people live together. Yes, I want to get to my meeting but I’d rather wait right here, between an odd farm, an electricity pole and 23 ruminating cows, than to speed on with a good chance to hit another train!

There’s companies that get this and encourage their people to talk openly to their clients and there’s companies that don’t.  I run my own company and I’d really like it to fit the first profile.

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Acceptance (in 16 digits please)

When looking for a way to accept online payment for metered services I came across some service providers who seem to think that a half baked service is a solution. Continue Reading