What I learned about code efficiency


When I just started to code I discovered how beautifully logical and tidy you could build software. I grew convinced that good software should be like paintings, sculptures, digital haiku’s. I started to apply conventions in my code which I then deemed very important! Correctly indenting, coding in paragraphs, using curly brackets with all if and else‘s even if only one line would follow. I used to make a big issue about whether or not to use a semicolon after every line of code.

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How to stay ignorant of Darknet

How come I never ended up in DarkNet? Why did I never even hear of it? Does it support Retina display?

You live in a city for years and years and suddenly you hear about this part of town you never went to or even knew existed. Supposedly there was this insane, amazing market where you could freely buy drugs, fake passports or weapons and contact hackers and hit-men. And everything bought and sold was paid for in a new world currency.

It sounds more like a cyberpunk Harry Potter sequel than anything else. I’d expect to run into Hellboy or Arnold Schwarzenegger tearing things up.
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Oh, you people and your filenames!

People use the ‘wildest’ names for files!

Or at least, so it seems when you are a programmer like me.

Looking at it from a human point of view, it’s actually quite logical to name a file “Cover-image, corrected & proofed, issue: 7, 2013 DEF•••.jpg“. Anybody can see this is the file that’s supposed to be used because it’s corrected, it’s proofed and it’s the (3rd) definite version.

But uploading a file with this name to a CMS is asking for trouble. That’s why there’s this little plugin for MODx available now which will rename any file you upload to something more web appropriate (cover-image-corrected-proofed-issue-7-2013-def.jpg in this case, pretty it is not, web-save it is)


Easily installable from the MODx Package Manager

The end of video

I first started thinking about creating a new video service because of an often recurring situation:

I work with some people who need or like to put video on their website. They’re not YouTube and don’t have hundred thousands of visitors but they do need or want to insert videos.

No problem, they upload it through the CMS and there it is. Sweet.

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Keeping your tech simple

I love it when machines emit and understand simple messages. I love the “START” button in my car. It makes me feel slightly understood.

There’s no need to study some kind of secret handshake to get from A to B. No searching for a hidden away keyhole and twisting an old fashioned iron key to ‘unlock’ the car’s engine. That gesture is probably based on a concept that’s as old as Mr Ford himself. Continue Reading