How to stay ignorant of Darknet

How come I never ended up in DarkNet? Why did I never even hear of it? Does it support Retina display?

You live in a city for years and years and suddenly you hear about this part of town you never went to or even knew existed. Supposedly there was this insane, amazing market where you could freely buy drugs, fake passports or weapons and contact hackers and hit-men. And everything bought and sold was paid for in a new world currency.

It sounds more like a cyberpunk Harry Potter sequel than anything else. I’d expect to run into Hellboy or Arnold Schwarzenegger tearing things up.
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Mobile green house

For a while now, Amsterdam sponsors electric cars and their owners. That’s great because it might help someone make the decision to go green and it helps the streets of Amsterdam to be less “smokey”.

Amsterdam does so by placing, in front of your house, free of charge, a car adapter. More and more of these poles pop up around town. A great USP for a future ready city.

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