How to stay ignorant of Darknet

How come I never ended up in DarkNet? Why did I never even hear of it? Does it support Retina display?

You live in a city for years and years and suddenly you hear about this part of town you never went to or even knew existed. Supposedly there was this insane, amazing market where you could freely buy drugs, fake passports or weapons and contact hackers and hit-men. And everything bought and sold was paid for in a new world currency.

It sounds more like a cyberpunk Harry Potter sequel than anything else. I’d expect to run into Hellboy or Arnold Schwarzenegger tearing things up.

But how ignorant could I be? As the old adage says: “Build it and they will come”. It’s as real as Amazon.

I think I was most surprised by the fact that I never stopped to think about it. That I work and breath internet every single day but never thought that the same grid I feel so at home in, would be used for wheeling and dealing off-the-grid “stuff”. Somehow I was convinced that all those people practicing all those lawless activities I would sometimes hear about on the news, would either only communicate face to face or would have their own, covert cabled, network.
(As if all off-line crime exists in a parallel dimension, not in our streets, duh.)

I’m sure the origin of my amazement has to do with living in a well organized country with a low crime rate and a median standard of living ranking number 3 world wide. We just do not run into a lot of bad things while living our high standards.
Add to that the Netherlands liberal stance towards drug use and hey, why¬†should I even tire my mind with things I’m taught will wreck my live?

But then there’s We Can Remember it For You Wholesale, Mona Lisa Overdrive, Caves of Steel, Flow my tears… etc.
Books and movies which influenced my thinking about technology and the future. Made me curious about- and working towards an uncharted future.
And stories which all reference or hint at some form of Darknet.
So this Darknet totally sparks my curiosity. While i’m well aware that even the name “Darknet” probably sounds more adventurous/romantic than it actually is. Like the dark ages. Or the dark side. Or the dark arts.

Either I consider myself not smart enough to survive in that world or just smart enough to not want to go there. I’m not really sure which it is. And to be plain honest, I am sure a touch of fear has something to do with it though.

Fear that it doesn’t support HTML5…