How we learn new things and how that affects your business online

Cavemen learning about fire and shopingLast May, my family and I moved from an apartment in the center of Amsterdam to a family home on IJburg, a suburb next to our beloved city. And by moving to a new place we needed to find a new dentist, a new family doctor, where the most convenient supermarket is located, the closest letterbox, etcetera, etcetera. Only after finding out about those basic necessities we started to check out the more entertaining parts of our new ‘hood’.

I guess that’s pretty natural behavior. Back when humans lived in caves, they probably did the same; they must have first explored the close surrounding for dangers, water and other essentials. And only after knowing about those basic ‘rules’, they could start setting up their house and tend to their daily tasks.

The same seems to go for learning in general; when moving into a new area, we first want to find out what the basics of that particular field are before we gradually start building an internal ‘body of knowledge’.

Most people today use the internet to do both; find out those basics and learn more and more about a subject.
And when the subject they want to learn about is within your field of expertise, – makes your business -, then there must be some way that they should find your website. Either to learn the basics or to gain some deeper knowledge.

Also good to know is that learning new things makes us feel good. So, when you share what you know, not only do you lead those who search to your website, you also make them feel really good.
Keep that in mind the next time you think about what to put on your site or what to change about your site: It’s not the information about you, your company and what products or services you deliver, that attract the most interested people/potential clients, it’s the knowledge you share!

As for turning those visitors into clients: That’s much easier when they can see for themselves that you are an expert than when you have to say “We are experts!” And yes, one or two will try to do, what you do, themselves but then they’ll find out that knowledge and execution are two completely different things.
photo credit: Misserion via photopin cc