Mobile green house

For a while now, Amsterdam sponsors electric cars and their owners. That’s great because it might help someone make the decision to go green and it helps the streets of Amsterdam to be less “smokey”.

Amsterdam does so by placing, in front of your house, free of charge, a car adapter. More and more of these poles pop up around town. A great USP for a future ready city.

But Amsterdam is known for more than one USP. And one you might be familiar with is its liberal attitude towards soft-drugs. Lots of Amsterdamians grow and smoke their own weed. Perfectly fine. Dude. Now put two and two together.

Some of my fellow townsmen abusively use their basement or attic or other spare room to build themselves a nice little greenhouse to grow some nice plants using electricity from their neighbors or tapping it even before it passes the meter. Not so fine. Dude.

A while ago it hit me: when will we start seeing, obviously not electric, vans parked next to car adapters? Emitting a weird electrical buzz and a distinct smell.

Sheep on rooftops, androids dreaming.

Looking forward to it.