Not Just Spinning the Wheels

Spinning roundaboutSome co-creators in Gumroad’s Small Product Lab were talking about the Fizzle show podcast. After listening to a couple of (really funny) episodes, I realised this couldn’t have come at a better time. For quite a while now I’ve been feeling like something was a little bit off in my work. Working with customers I love on projects I really care about, making a decent living. That doesn’t sound like “off”?! What am I whining about then?

The “being off” bit has to do with my inability to say “no” to interesting stuff. There’s so much interesting stuff! So many interesting people doing interesting things. And I’ve been lucky enough to be able to help some of them with their ventures. Doing all those different, great projects has taught me a lot and helped me progress in quite some areas.

But working on such different projects has also kept me from really developing an expertise within my field. However, I’m sure that working just on consulting or just on back-end or just on SEO would bore me after a while.
What I noticed in my customers is that (most of them) deliver this very specific service or product to a very specific group of people. And that that enables them to help those customers better and better. That their specialization is exactly what helps them and their customers progress.
And this is something that seems really attractive to me. And has seemed for a while now.

So, back to the Fizzle show: this is a podcast made by 3 guys and a girl who also run a community website called This is a community for self-employed/entrepreneurs/small-business-owners and it runs on the vision of creating and maintaining a sustainable business, doing things you love and care about.
It contains a course for focusing your business that really resonates with what I’m going through, thinking about improving my business. To, instead of just spinning my wheels, move forward.

I’ll be posting more about this later.