10 days to Create and Launch: Gumroad’s Small Product Lab

Small Product LabI’ve got about 6 or 7 online services at 85% of completion. Next to the dozens of started side projects that never got beyond the initial “Yeah, this sounds great, let’s give it a try!” part. I’m definitely not unique, every developer friend has a large number of side projects on their laptop.

Why is that? Why do developers not finish their side projects? Is it just that the last mile is the longest?

Or is it something else?

As a developer, this is the golden age; the effort to actually get something up and running is minimal. We have so many -ready to go- frameworks in our toolbox. Install Laravel, Angular, Bootstrap and Stripe (replace with your favorite stack at will), add your original thought and BAM! you’re in business.

Personally it seems that the abundance of ideas is limiting my ability to follow through. That, when my current favorite problem turns out a little harder to solve than it initially seemed, hey look: I actually think this other idea/problem is much more interesting to solve!

But there’s also the fear of putting it out there in the world. The dream of creating something amazing and hugely helpful for humanity is at least that: a beautiful dream!
Once you put it out there, for everyone to see and judge, it might not be received with all the oooh’s and aaah’s you know deep inside it should be… or should it?

Today I received an email from Emmiliese at Gumroad, inviting me to the next Small Product Lab. I’m looking forward to create and launch a product in just 10 days! No more lingering around all the possible nuances of solving a problem. No more excuses. The last mile is just as long as all the previous ones.

Actually, I can feel my heart rate increase, my mind gearing into overdrive, my breath getting shorter, palms sweaty…

I’m doing this, trusting Parkinson’s Law. I will finish the damn thing!